Colm G’s top 100 chart songs of 2013 (100)



Peak position:

United Kingdom:        1 (Since this post)

Ireland:                        2

USA:                             1

Everytime I hear that Pitbull has brought out a new track, a little bit of me wants to die inside…….Cos let’s face it……He is shite (Even his collaborators would secretly agree).  But it is also undeniable that he has a knack of producing catchy tunes.  It’s a bit like that addictive stuff they inject into McDonald’s food…..You know it’s terribly bad for you…..But you keep going back for more.

The first time I played this I was embarrassed……Then I got a text from Jonny O’Keeffe which simply read….. “Tune”.

The second time I played it, I was almost doing a barn dance inside Shannonside FM studios!

Pitbull ladies & gents…………The Ronald McDonald of the music industry.

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